Premarital Sex Education & Counselling
Before marriage Bride and Groom should go for complete sex education  & must be know about the details of sexual matters, so they goes sexual life with full knowledge & confidence.

We are the doctors & sex educator cum sex counsellor. We provide sex education to every individual. Most of the people have very low knowledge of sexuality; many persons don’t know the basic sexual performance and Sexual personal Hygiene. So we educate step by step complete knowledge of all sexual performance at our centre with complete sex education visual material.

Sex education is provided by various audio-visual & written sex education materials. Approximately it takes one to two hour in one sitting to get complete knowledge of sexuality. Once the person gets complete scientific knowledge about sex, his fears about sex disappears. He or she approaches the future sex life with more confidence & the chances of failure in sexual life becomes very less. Due to lack of sexual knowledge many people suffers with various types of fears & life long inferiority complex. Even their carrier affects due to constantly worrying about their sexual performance. 

Our sexual counselling consists

  1. Explaining normal anatomy of the male & female genitals.
  2. Explanation of how erection occurs & how it remains hard until the completion of sexual act.
  3. How could prepare the partner (both man and women) to sexual intercourse i.e. foreplay?
  4. How to penetrate i.e. there are many easy penetration positions and technique
  5. Available for first time sexual intercourses. Due to lack of this knowledge many peoples suffer with first night sexual failure!!! 
  6. How to keep your erection hard like rock & staying for long time?
  7. How to satisfy the women?
  8. How to make women to get multi-orgasm?
  9. What is clitoris, how to locate it & how to stimulate?
  10. How can you give the maximum enjoyment pleasure to women?
  11. What are all the sexually arousals areas of women body?
  12. We provide complete knowledge about misconceptions (facts and myths) in sex matters
  13. How to perform the better sex? 
  14. How to make the sex as a medicine- to relax the body and mind?
  15. Various techniques and positions for best sexual intercourse? 
  16. Oral sex (Cunnilingus & Annilingus)?
  17. Sexual Importance of clitoris & its role in female sexual satisfaction?
  18. To know about normal anatomy, physiology of vulva, vagina, uterus?
  19. Knowledge about frequency of intercourse & orgasm in female
  20. How to play the sex game at available time?
  21. Discussion about uses of sex toys.
  22. Discussion about fantasies during sexual intercourse.
  23. Other Sex related queries.

We educate & providing treatment cases related to: 
1.Bend in penis, leading to difficult while sex or pain during sex. 
2.Pain in penis or testicles, or change in size of testis or scrotum. 

3.Prominent blue veins in penis.
4.Multiple growths on penis, which occurs on base of glans in one or two row(pearl like small asymptomatic growth).
5.Management of masturbation related problems (hand practices- self stimulatory discharge of semen).
6.Oozing watery secretion from tip of penis during or before sex. 
7.Night emission, Nocturnal emission.

8.Semen passing with urine.
9.Prominence of large, blue veins over penis. 
10.Abnormal shape of penis(like thin at one place & thick at other).
11.Small testis & or under developed small scrotum.
12.Shrunken Penis / or hidden penis / Lifeless (like dead & soft) penis. 
13.Loosely hanging scrotum/Loose scrotum. 
14.Thin semen, yellow semen & its relation to blood loss. 
15.Pain in testis & scrotum.
16.Stress & sex.
17.Food & sex.
18.Safe sex.
19.Contraception Methods.
20.What women likes during sex.
21.What boys/men likes during coitus.
22.What makes men sexually turned on or turn off.
23.What makes women sexually turned on or turn off.
24.How to make every sex experience as new & more enjoying.
25.How to avoid boredom in sex life.
26.What should be ideal time & Place for sex?
27.Erogenous zones of male & female body.
28.How to last longer sexual performance.
29.What are the best positions for great sex
30.Cyber sex.

Who needs premarital sex education? 
Those who going to Marry.

Newly married couples.
Those who want to improve their sexual pleasure.
All men and women

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Dr.D.Senthil Kumar, B.H.M.S., M.D (Alt Med)., M.Phil(Psy)
Consulting Homoeopath & Psychologist cum Sex Educator

*Member-Council of Sex Education and Parenthood (International)

*Member-International Association of Sexual Educators Counselors & Therapists-London-UK

*Associate Member (Life) - Indian Association of Clinical Psychologist

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